Vrangvendt is a Danish duo blending the haunting atmospheres of trip hop, shoegaze, alternative, and metal. Comprised of guitarist Lasse Lund and singer Kristine Nydahl, they create genre-defying music with dark, introspective themes.
The band has a distinctive approach to releasing music. Instead of traditional albums, they release singles over time, gradually building up a complete collection. Their debut project, Smile Mask Syndrome, was unveiled from March 2022, to March 2023. Following this, they embarked on their latest project, Danish Depression, which began on August 10, 2023, and continues to evolve with new singles. 
In 2024 Vrangvendt created music for the Danish vampire horror movie Blodsuger (Bloodsucker). The movie features two brand new tracks called Dark Desire and Sick Fantasy, which the duo wrote especially for the film. The soundtrack also includes a number of earlier releases from Vrangvendt. The songs featured in the movie are collected on an EP titled Thirst. 
On June 23, 2024, Vrangvendt released Hellbound, the first single from an upcoming project about witches and witch hunts, where the band explores new and heavier genres such as trap and black metal.
As an independent band, Vrangvendt handles all aspects of production themselves, from writing to artwork. Lasse’s extensive metal background and Kristine’s photo artistry make them a unique force in contemporary music. Vrangvendt’s music explores the darker sides of life, inviting listeners to join them on a hauntingly beautiful journey.