Vrangvendt is an audio-visual DIY-project from Denmark consisting of Lasse ‘Sjælekradser’ Lund and Kristine Nydahl. Through music, lyrics, artwork and videos, Vrangvendt establish their obscure universe, which is the manifestation of the inner worlds of the two creators.​
Vrangvendt is the danish word for something turned wrong side out or oriented in a way that deviates from the norm. This is exactly what the duo intend to do.
They seek to break the boundaries of genre definitions, in order to create something new and different. Their music is raw and serious yet playful and experimental - and above all else it is honest and sincere.
Vrangvendt welcome you into their universe, where the duo's innermost thoughts and feelings are openly exposed for the listener to experience.
Anything you see and hear from Vrangvendt is straight from the hands and minds of the creators. They write, record, mix and master the music, create all visuals and graphics and release the music themselves. Vrangvendt aim for pure, unsullied expression of their own ideas. 
With a background in extreme music, Lasse has many years of experience playing, writing, mixing and producing music.
Kristine Nydahl is a fine art self portrait artist with a background in classical music as a violinist. 
The diverse backgrounds and abilities of the duo allow for something new and different to arise in the meeting of their two twisted minds.
That thing is Vrangvendt.